"We are very satisfied with Chase, only took a couple days for our computer to run again! Chase is very friendly very knowledgeable our mother board was broken and he was able to fix it efficiently he is also very easy to work with!! Thank you we are very happy thanks chase!!" - Gabe
"Chase came over and talked with my elderly mother about her computer. He found out her hard drive was going out on her old computer and since it was over 12 years old it was time for a new one. He built her a new computer based on her needs, transferred all the data from the old one and then set it up for her. Pricing was fair and he did an excellent job!" - Andrea
"Chase upgraded my aging computer and cloned the hard drive so I didn't have to reinstall a thing! I'm loving the new hard drive which has no moving parts! Chase is very knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, and his prices are more than reasonable. I would recommend Carbon Custom Computers and Repair to everyone." - Terry
"Chase is awesome! I was in the market for a gaming computer but I didn't really know what I wanted. He helped me decide what options I wanted and built me a computer that runs flawlessly at a great deal." - Jaymin
"Chase runs a clean and cool shop, with his builds representing the prime pairing of function and form. I stopped in for a simple purchase, and having worked in a shop very much like this one before, I was impressed at his presentation and what he had to offer. That guy knows his craft." - Rich

"I went in to see if they had a replacement screw for my laptop. He had one that fit and put it in for me. He was also able to answer my questions about upgrading both software and hardware. I have thought about getting another computer for my spouse for work and he showed me several options in laptops and desktops. Very helpful. If I need help again I'll be back." - Derek

"Had the fellas take a look at my ps4 pro because it use to sound like a jet engine. They had it for a day and it's runs cooler and quietly. They were knowledgeable, fast, and all at a fair price. Super thankful to have them here in town." - Travis